Read Aloud is a method used in guided reading. It is the foundation of the early literacy framework. The teacher reads aloud to the whole class or small groups.
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Read Aloud References
Here are some suggestions from Jim Trelease
  • Begin reading to children when they are infants.
  • Read Mother Goose rhymes and songs.
  • Invite very young children to turn the pages of the book as you read to them.
  • The first time the book is read, discuss the illustration on the book cover.
  • Say the name of the book, the author and illustrator every time you read the book.
  • From time to time select a book above the children's intellectual level and challange their minds.
  • If reading a picture book to a group of students, make sure they can all see. Big books are recommended.
  • Read slowly enough for children to build mental pictures.
  • Add a third dimension of the book whenever possible. For example, if you are reading Green Eggs and Ham, try some of these recipes.
  • Only read stories that you enjoy.
  • As a teacher you do not have to tie every story to the curriculum.
  • Don't select a book that many students have already heard or seen on TV.
  • Select high quality books.
  • Don't rush through a book.